Peugeot Adventure Museum

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With our « Peugeot Adventure Museum » application, discover our collections commented and illustrated to drive you through our original and rare items we present in the museum.
You can choose through the different functions of the application:
- Audio guide: to make you discover two hundred years of history from the 1810’s tools to the latest concept car of the Lion brand.
Come and discover the objects from our collections from the tools and household items, including the famous coffee grinders, until the less well-known productions of the brand such as fashion items like bustiers, crinolines and umbrellas or even ice skates, gardening tools and toys for children and adults, cycles and the fabulous history of the Peugeot automobile from the oldest cars to the latest concept cars.

-Map of the museum
-Prepare your visit and find all the useful information of the museum.
-Find memorable videos and photos in exclusivity of the Peugeot history.
-Access to our website and it’s various functionalities.
-Also receive information about our exhibitions and events.
Come and share this industrial adventure of an exceptional longevity which is continuing!